About the guidebook

Thanks for coming to the site. This digital guidebook and website is intended to be free and stay free. Many problems have gone up since the release of the first guidebook, which was released in 2005. We aim to have all relevant info and problems in this guidebook, but it is inevitable that we missed some problems. It is also inevitable that some information is incorrect. The advantage to this digital guidebook is we can update information very easily. Please, if you have problems you want in this guidebook, email us. If you notice an error please email us at: vedauwoobouldering@gmail.com

Guidebook Authors

John Lombardi

John is the primary author for the guidebook. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my lovely girlfriend Katy and dog Loki. I like bouldering, sort of, but really like all aspects of climbing. Although skiing lately has been more fun. I spent about 2,000 hours on this guidebook and am looking forward to making the guidebook a lifetime committment. There are always things to improve on the site, or to update more information. So - expect more to come!! Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!

Davin Bagdonas

Davin is the guidebook author for the second edition of the Vedauwoo Bouldering guidebook. Without Davin's help I would have been hopelessly lost and spent years on this project. Davin is a great human being and has been an endless source of information. Davin has published many great bouldering guides for Wyoming.